Find the most appropriate place for your aquarium

Fish tank locationDo you want to have a part of the amazing sea life in your own home? If so, then you should definitely think of buying an aquarium. Before starting to plan and to make checklists with all the things you need to buy to make your aquarium a beautiful place for the colourful fish to live in, you should think of a major issue you are going to meet sooner or later.
Where you should place your new aquarium? You maybe think that choosing an aquarium location is like child’s play, but actually you are far away from the truth. That’s why check out the most important things you should consider to choose the perfect place for your fish tank.

  • Consider the tank size

This is the first and most important thing when you think of where to install your fish tank. Before buying a huge 55 gallon tank – ask yourself is there enough space in your home for it? My advice is to write down the measurements of the tank you liked and then consider where you can install it. First come the necessary measures, then comes buying.

  • Are there any power outlets nearby?

This is a crucial factor because the usual aquarium equipment includes a filter, a light and an air pump so you need to choose a place in your home where the power outlet will be close to the tank.

  • Sunlight is your enemy

Do not put your aquarium in a place where it could be exposed to direct sunlight.  Direct sunlight raises the water temperature and fish are really sensitive to such kind of changes.

  • Think of the cleaning and maintenance

It is a good idea to have some extra space around the fish tank for cleaning and maintenance purposes. Do not forget to add aquarium cleaning in your regular home cleaning checklist.

  • Inside the wall?

A lot of people think that installing the fish tank “inside the wall” is a great idea.  Maybe it is if you have your own home and you plan renovation. But if you live on rent, it will be a hundred times more difficult to explain this to your landlord than to make him happy with end of rental cleaning.