How to make easily floating shelves

How to make easily floating shelvesStorage space at home is never enough and some items can’t just be stored. Books, statues and family’s framed pictures – they look so good on a shelf. But bookcases take too much space and the floating ones are too expensive and don’t stand so much weight (around 10 pounds – but you can’t put books on a diet, right?). You can make your own, and by making them yourself, you can make improvements that will allow you to put more weight and also to arrange them in a fashion that best suit your style and space. What are phases of that mission?

– Skeleton. You don’t need to be an interior designer to complete this project. Get metal wall shelving system, this way you won’t need to worry how much weight it can take (sitting on it any way is not recommendable). Get trimmed shelves – as much as you need and in the color you want them. You can use one color and shape or you can use different, natural wood or painted –  it’s also your choice.

– Applying. Apply the metal slotted vertical pieces of the shelving to the wall, you should paint them matching the wall before starting this. Don’t forget to paint the brackets too.

– Joining. Attach trim to each upper shelf with wood glue and 2 inches finishing nails. This will form butt joint. For the bottom one that is with double width use 2 x 2  parts to mount them with wood screws underneath. Don’t tempt yourself to put things under that shelf, the advice of regular home cleaners would be. It would look overloaded and will prevent proper cleaning.

– Make it fun. Involve friends and family. And if the style and the colors in the room allow you, add more colors. The shelves can be any way you want – from ombre effect to sinking into the wall if the color is matching it.

– Finishing. For extra stability screw the shelves to the brackets both at the front and the back. And for the lowest shelf screw right angle bracket both into the shelf and the stud. The lowest shelf should be in such height of the floor, that when you perform steam carpet cleaning, not to damage the items that are on the shelf – some books and art pieces are very sensitive to humidity.

When you are done with the assembling, painting and screwing, arrange your things on your new shelf. On eye level put the things that brings you more joy. This will enhance the effect of the home improvement.