Refresh the kid’s room with wall stickers

Refresh the kid's room with wall stickersDecorating the kid’s room when moving into a new home, or when expecting a new member in the family, or just to refresh it for fun, is one of the greatest pleasures. There are so many ideas and ways to play while decorating – you and the kids together. Have a look at the tips below how to turn this work into entertainment with a few suggestions about wall decorations.

– Teenagers would probably prefer to choose on their own. It’s the age when they have favorite movies, film stars, when they fall in love and tend to contemplate for hours. If they insist on sticking posters on the wall, give them a scotch tape which dries with time and will be easily removed with a simple domestic cleaning detergent when needed. Teenagers often change their interest, that’s why you need to choose a scotch that falls off easily, and without peeling the wall’s coat.

– Young children will readily play with you while decorating. Variety for them is endless. You can buy a number of separate uniform stickers and put them on the wall tilted or combining them in some forms; or you can choose a set of decals telling a story or a fairytale. The favourite characters of your kids will make them feel safe and among friends. You can tell a different story every evening with the help of those sticky figures. Other wise choices, especially for pupils, are the letters or numbers put on the wall, so that the kid can see and learn them while playing. Stickers come in smooth vinyl as well as in three dimensional forms – two surfaces put together via a sticky piece in between them.

– Babies are the ones who don’t mind at all as soon as there is something to attract their attention. Choose different young cute looking animals and elements from fairytales, like mushrooms, flowers, and kind smiling creatures – an environment which will make the baby get used to surrounding nature. Don’t limit the decorations only to the room – if you have needed at least once to call the carpet cleaning specialists to mop around while trying to bathe the baby, it means that you need something to attract their attention while in the bathroom. Get smooth vinyl sea-life stickers which will make them company. And bathing will become pleasure for all of you.

Decorations come in different forms and materials. Some of them stick very hard to the wall and cannot be removed easily. Consult with competent people what to choose and how to replace it when the time comes.