Get rid of suntan oil from your carpet

Get rid of suntan oil from your carpetSummer is here and the regular summer carpet stains become a big danger for the domestic living space once again. Sun tan oil, for instance, might become a real nasty nightmare for your living room, bedroom or any other premise at home that has a rug, too. Don’t panic, because our cleansing solutions always work and the suntan oil stain removal is as optimal as any other. See how to get rid of suntan oil from carpet:

– React immediately and don’t do the following things – don’t mix ingredients by chance and don’t use too cold or too hot water. The recommended water temperature is the room temperature. Also, do not use stronger concentration than the labelled proportion of your commercial product.

– Try with a brand dry solvent at first – if you have such a cleansing product at hand. You can find such a product in any big supermarket.

If you do not have a specially tailored product for carpet stains, equip yourself with the following things: white terry towel, lukewarm water, white vinegar, dishwashing soap – only mild – and vacuum cleaner.

Mix the ingredients in the following proportions the way you usually do for your regular household chores or the way you did it last time during the end of tenancy cleaning.

Apply of the mixture and start blotting. Make sure the carpet is half-dried before vacuuming.

If the stain is still there, you can do the following thing: sprinkle baking soda on the spoilt area and let it stay for few minutes. Grab the vacuum cleaner once again and begin vacuuming on average speed.

– Finish with white vinegar once again and dry with the hair drier this time! Humidity is bad, so don’t let too much water on the carpet.

In case these cleaning approaches do not work, try to reach the nearest steam carpet cleaners in your region. Their contemporary cleansing equipment will definitely eliminate the entire suntan oil grime!