Career pieces of advice that you should ignore

Don't follow these career advisesWhen it comes to your career you have probably heard all sorts of tips on how to achieve success, but most of these tips are not practical and only the words sound pretty good. Here are a few examples:

  • ‘The more positions you apply for, the greater the chance to find a job.’ – that advice might work if it comes to lottery but when looking for a job it’s not like that. Applying for many jobs, including those that you do not like, is a total waste of both time and energy. You don’t put enough effort for any cover letter or interview to show that you really want the occupation and that you are the perfect candidate for this position.
  • ‘A good cover letter and CV are the most important things.’ – Yes, they are really important, but not the most important. Certainly, а well-written letter with no spelling errors and well-structured CV will make a good impression. However, you will most probably get the job, thanks to your excellent presentation at the interview.
  • ‘The number of zeros in your paycheck is the most important.’ and ‘Work what you love albeit for low wages.’ – The truth is somewhere in the middle. The salary is really important because this is your livelihood and your quality of life depends on it largely. It is also essential to like your job and to have a desire and diligence. So you will not go home after the end of the working day exhausted and dissatisfied. There you have some obligations as well, such as carpet cleaning London, for instance.
  • ‘Be like Shiva at the workplace.’ – Sounds like, if you can do 100 things and do 10 of them at the same time, you are the ideal employee. The so-called multitasking, however, is not only stressful, but also an ineffective method of operation.
  • ‘Come first and leave last.’ – there is a big difference between working hard and being efficient and productive. Two more hours spent at the office will not provide you with the desired promotion, if your colleague works for fewer hours, but produce better stuff than you. Think about the moments when you are on the other side and you hire someone to work for you – tenancy cleaners London, for example. Now you know – everybody wants high-quality work done more than anything else.

It is up to you whether to listen to such pieces of advice or not. It is better to ignore them in order not to end up unemployed, penniless and unsuccessful.