Smart tips when you cook potatoes

Cooking potatoes - tipsDo you love to cook potatoes? Check out these smart tips and make them even more tasty:

  • Boiled potatoes are very tasty, if the water in which you boil them, you throw two cloves of garlic and a bay leaf or dried dill. You will cook potatoes best, if you pour hot water. This helps to retain valuable nutrients and vitamins. When boiling potatoes, do not pour a lot of water. Upper potatoes may not be completely covered with water – although they will boil well. Potatoes will be best boiled in appliance with steam. To avoid smashing the potatoes, after the water boils, pour part of it and add cold. Potatoes are boiled best at moderate heat. Otherwise potatoes crack, but remain raw inside. While you boil the potatoes, you can perform your carpet cleaning London, but don’t forget to check the oven from time to time. You can use a fork to check if the potatoes are ready.
  • When you boil old potatoes, they turn black. To avoid that, add a little vinegar in the water. They will be much tastier if you add a little sugar into the boiling water. The water in which you boiled potatoes, can be used for soups. Share this information with your domestic cleaning experts London, perhaps they don’t know that.
  • To make crispy fries, fry them in a highly heated fat and pre-dry the potatoes with a towel or napkin. After you put the potatoes to fry, reduce heat to not burn them. The potatoes are fried quickly and become delicious if you pre blanch them for a few seconds in hot water and then dry them before putting them in boiling oil in pan.
  • Put salt to potatoes only when the slices are golden on both sides. If you do it earlier, the juice of potatoes will expire and will be mixed with fat and they will lose shape and taste.
  • When you are making mashed potatoes, use warm milk. Cold milk gives grayish color.

Follow these smart tips and you will always cook the most delicious dishes with potatoes.

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