Check out these 5 natural household deodorizers!

Natural deodorizers for your sweet home

Sometimes bad smells are common thing for every home. No matter how much you clean and sanitise, there are cases when your home smells really bad. The reasons are multiple – mould, spoiled food under the cupboard, dusty carpets, dirty fridge. Every good housewife must know how to deodorise her home in a perfect way – naturally and without use of chemicals. Commercial fresheners sometimes are very irritating and they are not healthy. Therefore, use one of these natural home deodorizers and you won’t regret it:  

  • Vinegar. Even if you ask some professional cleaners for an eco-friendly sanitizing solution, they will recommend you vinegar. Besides the amazing disinfecting power, vinegar has awesome smell-neutralizing features. Don’t hesitate to use it to clean and deodorise your microwave oven. You have only to place ½ cup water and ½ cup vinegar in a bowl and microwave until it is boiling. Then you can damp wipe from the inside – all the grease and residues will be removed easily. The bad smells will be also eliminated. See? Microwave oven cleaning Wimbledon and deodorising may be super easy and cheap.
  • Good old lemons. The secret is in the citric acid. It acts flawlessly against unpleasant household odours. Feeling the fresh scent of lemons in your home is super fresh and nice. Deodorise your dishwasher with the help of lemons and you will achieve impeccable results. Only put a cup of fresh squeezed juice in your kitchen appliance and run only the rinse cycle.
  • Eucalyptus. Every housewife has heard about eucalyptus oil. It has amazing anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. You have a musty room or closet? No problem! Just use eucalyptus oil to freshen them up! You can also ask your domestic cleaners Islington how do they use eucalyptus oil in household.
  • Orange peels are also a wonderful natural freshener. Don’t forget after eating your oranges to keep the peels and to put them in the fridge. You will see, that they will absorb all the bad smells from foods.
  • Cinnamon sticks. You can find them in every store. Use them only in case you love their scent. You can put them around your home just like that or you can make DIY cinnamon sticks candles by sticking the sticks around an ordinary candle.

See? There are different natural alternatives of the commercial air fresheners. Use them for a healthy and fresh smelling home space! They are much better and more affordable too!

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