Laughing and babies

Smiling baby

Even before saying their first words, babies can laugh and can make their parents burst into laughter. But is this really a sign of its sense of humor?

  • Since its early weeks, baby is trying to communicate. In its own way it tells you when it is ill or that you have to change its diaper. But it also knows how to catch your eye, to respond to your smile and to laugh itself. A baby who laughs, feels good, and laughter helps its ability to think and develop.
  • How to make your baby laugh? Baby loves to tickle it under the chin or to kiss its belly. At four months, it is sufficient such a gesture to make it laugh. From this age onwards, you can expect its first real outburst of laughter. It is caused by the sight of the colorful toy or listen to the funny sounds that you make. Your kid may even laugh to your tenancy cleaners Clapham, who knows. Sometimes everything is funny and this is great. Babies feel when they meet positive people.
  • The baby can also cheer you up. You should know that the more laughter there is in the family, the more likely the baby to develop its sense of humor.
  • Be careful when you make the baby laugh! You tickle the baby or lift it on horseback and the baby laughs. However, suddenly the cheerful laughter is changed and passes into tears. While you are trying to entertain the kid, his inner tension rises and the baby becomes restless. The baby is both too dependent on you, but on the other hand, it does not know how to tell you to stop. And since it can’t manage to cope with all the emotions, your baby bursts into tears. So be careful not to overdo it! Play with the baby, but let it a chance to calm down. Your Bromley carpet cleaning experts will agree with us.

Follow our simple tips and play with your baby. Shared laughter will create wonderful memories for your family.