Cleaning techniques to reconsider

Cleaning techniques to reconsiderHaving a strict plan for cleaning – on a daily basis or in every deep sanitising procedure per season – is good. Following an organised and perfectly prepared checklist with specific chores gives you a high advantage to end up with stunning results. Though, there might be parts of your regular approaches into home disinfection and decluttering that could be depraved. See all the cleaning techniques that must be reconsidered:

– Doing the laundry at once. You may think once you laundry a new piece of clothing separately and it does not discharge colourful water to harm other items, it is ok to add it to the whole bunch of laundry. Actually, if you change the washing powder or the detergent, the discharge may happen again.

– Using only natural products is, of course, great. Though, there are stains or badly spoilt areas that might need chemical substances to be completely sanitised. For example – areas with pests or particular items from your bathroom space.

Once again for the eco-friendly solutions. They are not actually as safe as you think. They will not add toxic substances to your living environment, but they can still harm. Some people avoid wearing rubber gloves, while washing or rubbing. Well, you should not do that even though the cleansing mixture is made of green ingredients only. Accidents happen.

Reconsider the carpet cleaning technique, too. For instance – do not lie yourself that in case the stain is not gone at once, it will never disappear and you need to book professional services or even worse – shoot the rug! Some spots need more time to be removed forever. And some procedures need to be repeated more than once.

– Glassware is difficult to be refreshed. It is a common mistake to rinse the items and let the water drops vapour by themselves. Actually, the humidity threatens the glass pieces and even more – the entire surrounding environment. It is good to dry the glassware – yes, even the tiniest and the narrowest ones! Use toilet paper and fold it according to the vessel shape. Pierce inside the glass piece and start wiping.

Keep in mind that even though the previous tenant has performed the end of tenancy cleaning before leaving, you need to do some basic sanitising, too.  Can you actually trust your landlord or a person you did not know and who lived in your present home? Do not risk the home hygiene and repeat the big purge of the tenement.

Reconsider these techniques and make sure that you are doing everything in housekeeping right!


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  • D. Sans April 30, 2015

    I find your tips really helpful, especially the one about the glassware. I didn’t know drying it is so important until now. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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