Colourful mood boosters

Colorful mood boostersWhite, beige and grey are great solutions for elegant home, but if you leave it all to them, the mood will literally be killed. For many years researches have showed that your mood is directly influenced by the colors in your surroundings. Now when the winter is so close, here is what you can do to boost your mood with color:

Ochre. It’s old true that red and its hues boost emotions, conversations and life in a room. It is very intense color, so pick softer shade if you plan to paint the whole walls. If you are fan of red as blood hue, choose a couple of details that will add thrill to the interior – vase, cushion or an armchair.

Pinky. It’s always considered in the terms of girl’s room or bedroom. Indeed these stereotypes are very neglecting to the abilities of the color. To avoid the Barbie effect, mingle it with colors like white, sandy yellow, beige and grey. You can use more “grabbing” hue like peony or fuchsia if you want to add some passion and strength.

Coral. Don’t think of brightly pink coral; rather imagine something closer to terracotta. It’s vivid, suitable for rooms where people gather like dining or living room and also for kitchen. Be careful when you choose the paint though because some brands tend to keep prints. So warn your maids to avoid touching the walls during cleaning.

Neglected orange. It’s usually forgotten if you are not tiger or orange fruit fan. Indeed there are shades of orange like apricot that not only grounds and calms but is also very flattering to every skin tone. Don’t think that only main rooms can bring joy, bathroom can also use some color different from blue.

Minty green. What is your first association with this name? Fresh, vivid, joyful boosting green. As one of the natural colors, it is preferable for rooms where you want balance and peace. In such room, just leave the steam carpet cleaning and reload your energy.