8 hacks to survive this chilly, freezing Winter – Part 1

8 hacks to survive this chilly, freezing Winter - Part 1Frosty weather is already here and you have to prepare to survive it the best possible way. Everyone finds his own way to bundle up in preparation for the miserable season. Actually, experts offer you some life hacks which will help you to keep warm until refreshing Spring season comes. Concentrate and apply these tips in your everyday life to pass through Winter more easily:

– Use mittens instead of gloves – keep in mind, that mittens provide more warmth than regular gloves, because fingers have skin-to-skin contact with each other and can split body heat. Mittens share smaller surface area than ordinary gloves, which diminishes heat loss. When you have any doubts, always prefer to wear mittens. Notice whether your one off cleaners wear gloves or mittens! That will also help you to make your choice.

– Cotton is not a good idea in Winter – this material tends to hold moisture and loses its insulating features. Cotton socks and clothes are not appropriate for Winter season. Once you get sweat for example, cotton will hold the dampness and it will make you feel even colder. The better option for frosty days are polypropylene or merino wool socks. For those people, who don’t have wool socks, a simple hack is to to put your socks on and after that to slip your feet into some plastic bags. It is weird for some of you, but your feet will stay really dry and warm. Isn’t it much more important? Check out if there are some special domestic cleaning offers and enjoy the chilly weather, it will be refreshing for you! Before that, put on the right clothing and thick socks!

– Bubble wrap your windows – just use large bubble wrap and an exacto knife to make this simple insulation. Tape or glue are not necessary — just spray some water onto your window with a spray bottle. Then push the flat side of the wrap against the window and you’re ready. Thanks to this hack, your premises will be insulated for several months.

– Wet shoes may be quickly dried with newspaper – putting the wet shoes near a heat source may spoil them or shrink them. Therefore, use some newspapers and stuff the shoes. Thus the moisture will be quickly absorbed, just replace the paper several times.

This article will be continued soon. Do you know some smart hacks which will help us to survive winter freezing weather more easily?