8 hacks to survive this chilly, freezing Winter – Part 2

8 hacks to survive this chilly, freezing Winter - Part 2Are you waiting forward for the second portion of our smart life hacks for surviving Winter chilly weather? Well, we’ve prepared them, especially for you. Read carefully, while you are staying at your comfy, warm dwelling!

* Enjoy some warm blankets with a hot water bottle – do you want to know how to get warmed in your bed? Just fill a water bottle with some really hot water and put it under your covers. The sheets will be easily warmed. Take this smart hack to the upper level by wrapping your pajamas around the bottle. Thus you will feel great by putting on your heated pajamas. Check out the hourly cleaning rates and don’t torture yourself with exhausting home sanitising. Winter period is excellent if you want to be a little bit lazy under a fluffy blanket.    

* Winterize Your Bike the right way – there is an option to purchase winter tires for your bike, but those are not at all cheap. You can take zip ties instead of that. Begin staggering them around your current wheels approximately a half an inch apart and cut off the surplus with scissors. Be careful when you ride your bike during Winter, it’s dangerous, because of the slippery roads. In case of upcoming property inspection, arrange your tenancy cleaning services on time. Actually, it’s more important assignment than winterizing your bike.

* Get yourself some hand warmers – these air-activated heat packs are totally safe, inodorous, and may deliver heat for 10 hours if you’re jogging, hiking, tailgating. You can also invent your own hand warmers by sewing together a fabric pouch filled with some rice. Then, just warm it up in the microwave before going out!

* Treat your shovel with some cooking spray – shoveling the snow is in fact one of the most tedious and unpleasant winter tasks. Don’t make this mission any harder by skipping the good preparation. Rubbing some vegetable oil, cooking spray or paraffin wax onto your shovel before usage will prevent sticking of the snow. Thus you will be allowed to shovel faster and easier.

So, do you think that you will apply these smart life hacks? Trust us and survive chilly Winter without any problems!