Holiday Tipping Checklist – who and how much?

Holiday Tipping ChecklistWinter holidays are approaching and you have to think about so many things. Except all the home decoration and meal preparation, you have to find the answer of one more question. How much is normal to tip during the upcoming Christmas holidays and who are the people that deserve little gifts, proving your respect. You have to be informed in order to avoid discomfort and disappointment of people around you. Use our expert guide and be prepared when it comes to holiday etiquette questions:

* Your boss – it’s not mandatory to make a present to your boss, but a simple gift is a nice gesture from your side. Talk to your co workers to understand if they’d like to contribute to the purchase of a gift card or a restaurant gift certificate.

* Teacher/tutor – don’t spend more than 25 pounds in this case. Supposing the school allows little presents, choose something simple like a picture frame, a bookstore or restaurant gift certificate or why not a homemade present from your kid, accompanied by a wonderful, hand-written thank-you note.

* Nanny/au pair – here a tip equal to one or two week’s payment, combined with a personal present from your kid (for instance a framed crayon picture showing the child’s appreciation).

* Cleaning lady  – up to one week’s pay and/or a little, nice gift. Supposing you must count on the local end of tenancy cleaners, prepare some home baked cookies and some little souvenirs to surprise them.

* Manicurist / hairstylist / barber – here, you can rely on the cost of one visitation, or an original gift of equivalent worth. If you usually count on more than one person at a given company, give some cash so they can share it among themselves.

* Massage therapist / personal trainer / yoga instructor – give your trainerup to one session’s fee or a modest gift, depending on how frequently you see him/her and whether he/she visits you in your house. Giving some chocolates, cookies, or other unhealthy food is not a good idea. You can offer a gift card with professional regular domestic cleaning service too.