Do you tell yourself these lies about organising?

Do you tell yourself these lies about organising?Do you have some trouble staying organised at your sweet home? Don’t worry and read carefully the following information. It may finally turn out that the problem is not your messy stuff, but you and your decluttering missteps. According to professional organizers, the most frequent lies people tell themselves about organising are the following:   

* “Buying lots of bins and boxes is the right solution to decluttering” – purchasing stuff doesn’t mean you will become more organised. So, keep only the most valuable things and don’t store unnecessary items. All those packages, boxes from shoes, little souvenirs must be carefully sorted. Face your clutter and decide what to get rid of. First of all, make a choice how much stuff you will retain and the organising system will come later.

* “I can’t throw anything that was given to me as a present.” Maybe it will be hard for you, but imagine that you don’t like the gift at all and you don’t ever use it. So, just let it go and save some space. Get rid of those useless presents, may be someone else will find them near the garbage and he will take them. Free some domestic space and start the carpet sanitising procedure in the end.

* “Only one single way of being organised exists.” That’s not true at all. Just learn what works best for your own habits. People are different and they do things differently. If you feel frustrated when putting your clothes on hangers, why don’t you try a pegboard or a scheme with boxes?

* “Once I achieve good organisation, I’ll never have to worry about it again.” Just face it! Life changes all the time. It’s not realistic to believe that a system which is created a year ago, will always work flawlessly. The secret of great organisation is to be flexible with the solutions and to adapt to new situations. Don’t forget, that your organising skills are important, bit there are also other domestic tasks, such as upholstery cleaning, that must be accomplished too.

What about your home? Is it messy, or it’s well organised and tidy?