Computer mouse syndrome – what’s that?

What is computer mouse syndromeComputer mouse syndrome is a problem with muscles that control the arm. It’s called syndrome, because it is the sum of several potential causes and effects – diffuse pain in the palm, fingers and shoulder, starting and enhanced by activities related to the work with the computer mouse. Learn more:

  • 10 000 clicks per day is equivalent to about 2 million finger movements annually. When muscles are tense from active work, there is pressing of the walls of the veins, which violates the circulation of blood. In order to function properly, working muscles need about 50% more oxygen than those who rested. Tensing the muscles of the hand and holding it in the same position for hours, ensures pain long after the workflow is completed. Computer mouse syndrome has a fun name, but its consequences are not at all funny, so it should not be underestimated. Usually people who work in an office complain of hand cramps. On the contrary – the end of tenancy cleaners have not such a problem.
  • Frequent breaks are the best option for dealing with the problem. In intensive computer work doctors recommend exercise and breaks every hour. If you’re at home, you can deal with the domestic cleaning tasks during your break from work with computer mouse.
  • The easiest thing that can be done is to shake hands while they hang down relaxed. Massages that improve blood circulation, also act beneficially. Rub in the direction from the base of the palm to fingertips. Especially relaxing acts the squeezing of stress figurines. Usually these are soft foam balls. Squeezing them is fun because every movement leads to a change in the animal’s face. Fun element is an objective reason to figure squeeze more often and so the hand will rest. If you’re working on a laptop, it is recommended more frequent use of the touchpad or keyboard shortcuts.

What about you? Do you complain from this computer mouse syndrome?


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