The amazing benefits of Rooibos

Advantages of rooibosRooibos is often called red tea, but in reality it has little to do with black, green and white ones, which are prepared from the leaves of the tea bush (Camellia sinensis). Instead of dried leaves, it consists of needles, and its taste is not acerb, but sweet, reminding of strawberries and exotic spices. Learn more:

  • Homeland of Rooibos is South Africa where the Bushmen grow it for thousands of years, and believe that the plant was sent to them by the Gods themselves. There were attempts for the red bush to be distributed in Latin America and Australia, but they failed. Therefore Rooibos is one of national prides in South Africa and there even exists a special government commission that controls the quality of each batch export. This way high image of the drink is maintained.
  • And it is gaining more and more popularity worldwide. While going into Europe at the beginning of the XX century, Rooibos has gained some points in front of the black and green tea for a number of advantages. Because of the lack of caffeine it can be consumed as morning and evening drink, from children and adults, it is even suitable for pregnant and nursing mothers. In short – it has no contraindications. Offer a cup of rooibos tea to your end of tenancy cleaners, they will like it very much.
  • At the same time Rooibos tea refreshes, because of the high content of minerals and antioxidants. In red tea, however, there are numerous flavonoids, which act calming for the central nervous system. Therefore Rooibos is recommended for people who suffer from insomnia, frequent headaches, nervous tension are exposed or are easily irritable. You will feel great if after your domestic cleaning, you prepare yourself a cup of rooibos tea.

Rooibos best reveals its scent brewed in a porcelain teapot. It may be well combined with dried strawberries, caramel and vanilla – these are the most common combinations that you can find. Because of its sweet taste it can be consumed without (or with minimal) sugar.