Diagnosis: Dependence from candy

Sweet addictionAre you addicted to sweet foods? You just can’t exist without chocolate? Welcome to the club, this article is exactly for you. For a start we have to understand what is this addiction to sweet and why you can not comfortably exist without it.

  • As we know sweets contain easily digestible carbohydrates. They break down literally in minutes and are the fastest fuel for our muscles and brain. So it’s not a wonder that at high levels of the stress hormone adrenaline, our hunger for the most sweet and caloric stuff sharpens. This is the mechanism by which the body will provide the necessary energy for immediate reaction in case of emergency.
  • But if a while ago the adrenaline rush meant that you instantly had to save your skin, today stress is associated with excessive workload, problems with relatives bustle of the big city – things for which rapid response of the muscles is not necessary. Sweets however help us to suppress the production of adrenaline and increase that of serotonin, and thus we feel calm again and happy … until we look in the mirror. Unused carbohydrates in sweets quickly turn into fat, and they make us fat. It’s a vicious circle which can rightly be called addiction. How to get out of it? Regular carpet cleaning may help you to burn some calories.
  • Rapidly digestible carbohydrates can’t be entirely excluded from our diet, but let us choose the most useful of them. These are honey, dark chocolate, fruits (fresh, even homemade marmalade) or sweet vegetables (beets, carrots). They contain not only sugar, but many nutrients – vitamins, minerals, organic acids. Fruits and vegetables are also high in cellulose and pectin, which improve peristalsis and metabolism, and compared to packaged foods are far lower in calories. Even the office cleaners know that.

It’s very hard to avoid all those harmful foods, because they give us so much pleasure. However, try to minimize their consumption.