Most Common Stain Removal Tips For Healthier Living Space

Stain removing tipsHome carpets are like magnets for stains. It`s like a curse to get yourself a new carpet and split a glass of red wine all over it – especially if the fibers are white. And it is like a logical consequence in life, when once you take your rug back from the professional rug cleaners, you get a urine spot surprise from your kitty or a grass pattern of blurs from your kids…Stains are completely normal. And it is even more normal to remove them from your rug more often than from anything else among your domestic living space. But if you are well-prepared with the necessary knowledge and detergents, you can manage the domestic cleaning London with an ease! Here is our ultimate guide for the knowledge part. See the most common stain removal tips for healthier living space now!

  • Organic food and drinks seem to be the toughest spots to deal with. Many times, people even throw the carpet away or use professional cleaning services London as a result. You should not do any of these, but use our superb recipe against stains of red wine, ketchup, tomato, coffee, chocolate, tea, beer, sauces, berries, juice, soda, candy, cake and etc by applying a white cloth to dip the area with some distilled white vinegar.
  • Let it aside for 15 minutes and then rinse with cool water. Dry with hair dryer. And when it comes to even worse food – or oily or greasy stains (butter, olive oil,  cheese) and cosmetic oils, lipstick and other makeup, wash the spot away with ammonia plus hydrogen peroxide or some dry detergent.
  • Rug cleaning, when urine or blood stain is made, can be simply done with club soda. You can chase away the dirt, mud and grass remains from your carpet with a mixture of dish washing soap, white vinegar and few drops of lemon juice. Use the vacuum cleaner to dry and to deep clean.

These were our secrets in carpet stain removal! Share with us yours!