Decorate your home with extravagant art elements

Decorate your home with extravagant art elementsAccording to the dictionary extravagant is something beyond the limits of reason and the common sense. But if it is what makes us special and unique should we bereave ourselves from it? Believe it or not, these days it’s hard а person to be defined as extravagant. With all the people trying to get the attention in all possible ways almost everything have been seen. But the home decoration still has some unexplored areas where you can stand out with unusual piece of artwork.

If you are not sure where to start, start with the size of the picture, sculpture, composition – the bigger the better if the room allows. One piece that catches the eye with the entering of the room. It can be literally anything and if you are not keen on paintings and sculptures you can make “Memory wall” – big pictures of your beloved ones to cover one of the walls, you decide if it’s going to be tile-type or “the ancestors of the royal family”- type.

– Extravagant?! But where? If you are keen on traveling, look for nice pieces on your trips. Something that is usual and normal in the country that you visit can be extravagant piece of art in your homeland. Moroccan rug, hanging on the wall of English flat? Why not? But be careful when you bring such thing and if you get it on purpose ask the seller/ ex-owner how to maintain it. Most of the oriental goods are made of natural materials and regular cleaning routines can literally kill their glamour.

– Lightning to stun you. Why the art can’t be useful? It can. Sculpture can turn into standing lamp and to have multifunctional purpose if you can’t afford to put the sculpture on a place to stand out.

– DIY art – do it yourself with the scale of great maestro. Do something on your own – paint a picture or make sculpture of wood, metal or scraps around the house. Imagination is the leading and as it’s well known any object that doesn’t serve its initial purpose can be art, so try – old broken saxophone on the wall, worn-out baby dress in a frame, your last packet of cigarettes before you quit smoking in glass box – these are all strange homemade art installation. But if you decide to use some pieces that look like trash, professional cleaners would advise you to sanitise them carefully, because some can bring you infections or else.

– Be bold in colour. Black, red, blue – these are the colours that can stand out easily, also screaming pink, signal yellow, etc. even one cushion in some of these colours on beige sofa can be seen as piece of art.

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