The role of the landlord

Landlords oblicationsYou might accept the landlord as the one, who only break your personal family budget bank, but, as a matter of fact, he has plenty of other obligations – towards you. It could be good for you as a tenant to know your rights, which are actually your landlord’s obligations in most cases. Thus, you will know what you can demand and what you can argue about, if your landlord has any additional or new requirements. See more about the role of the landlord:

Any landlord has an obligation to restore a damage occurred to property without the renter’s guilt. This might be either a natural disaster, or a robbery. It does not matter if the landlord has insured the house. What matters is what inventory is signed in the contract. For instance, the tenant can use the oven and the kitchen aspiration system. If one of them breaks, the landlord must repair or replace it with a new one.

The landlord must provide a riskless and safe environment for living. It includes all the precautions that a home requires. The landlord cannot let you in the property, if there is not electricity, gas or water provided. Meanwhile, if some of these resources hide risks, they should be restored, too.

The landlord must have done the end of rental cleaning (or the previous tenant) before letting you move in. The disinfection is a guarantee for your health and for your children’s safety. If you see that the windows are greasy or the floor is sticky, there was no cleansing and you need to ask for it.

The landlord cannot force you use professional cleaning services or hiring people from steam carpet cleaning company, for instance. Though, he might provide you furniture and home inventory that does not need such a big support. If most of the items are wasted and they require to be deeply maintained, you do not owe any extra charges in case of damage.

Your landlord is obliged to resolve your issues with neighbours and to protect you from eventual eviction, too!