London Vegan Beer Fest – cheers!

London vegan beer festFeeling truly green recently? Wondering how to enhance your eco-friendly lifestyle and still need a little bit summer entertaining positive emotions combined with fun? We have a great suggestion for you! Visit the upcoming London Vegan Beer Fest in London! Stunning surprises, awesome show and real beer made of natural products for vegans only are expecting you. Find out more details about this unique vegan beer preparation and the joy of this exciting fest right now:

  • The idea behind the London Vegan Beer Fest is, in short, to present the vegan people the adventure of producing vegan beer. If you think that this is impossible, the event in London will show that not only nutrition, but having fun with the guys and a couple of beers by following the vegetarian rules might happen!
  • The London Vegan Beer Fest is established by two bloggers. Set as an annual event in LA, the show is now going around the entire world, including London this year. Sean O’Callaghan, who owns the Fat Gay Vegan Blog is cooperating with Kip Dorrell, who manages the entire organisation.
  • The conception behind the London Vegan Beer Fest is about to give the party people beer that do not contain any animal ingredients. To be more specific, we need to tell you that, as a matter of fact, every beer does have them all – gelatin, crushed bones from animals, fish bladders and even egg or milk products.
  • The vegan beer will be accompanied with an entire counter of nice food – vegan, of course, as well a stunning atmosphere from around 400 people, who will attend the London Vegan Beer Fest!
  • And since the London Vegan Beer Fest is totally healthy vegetarian event, it will be non-smoking even though it will take place at the outdoors.
  • Come to London Vegan Beer Fest on 12th of July. The show is organised to take part at the St Margaret’s House, Bethnal Green. It starts from 1 pm and the tickets are yet hot, but go too quickly, so do not miss chance to get one, too. The price is for entrance only – from 5 to 10 pounds!
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