Bring more comfort to your home

Cozy homeOur home is our fortress but also our retreat. When we go home we want mainly to have rest and security. A couple of things can add a bit more comfort to your home, not some fancy big renovations or expensive appliances, just some little touches that will make the returning home even more desired. Check them out:

  • Organise your dining area – adding a banquette instead of couple of chairs around the dining table will give it more relaxed feeling. If you don’t want to change your dining set just put pillows on the seating.
  • Add an ottoman – choosing theright kind can bring you a couple of benefits: not only you can spread your legs on your favorite armchair but you can use it asstool or side table.
  • Invest in your bedroom – the mattress, pillows and blankets are essential for the comfort of your bed and your health – better sleep, better life. Don’t spare money when you buy bed clothes.
  • Reachable blankets – not only in the bedrooms, on the side of the sofa, on the bench or the chairs if you have porch or big terrace. Not only weather can be chilly, better to have something to cover than getting cold. And if you don’t need to browse wardrobes on sleepy head better to have it within your reach. And covering with them before the dog climb on the couch will save some work to the house cleaners.
  • Lightning should be soft and diffused (of course not in the kitchen). In the bedrooms and the living room you can combine a couple of ways of lightning: one main for the time when you need it and “spots” of candles, lanterns or salt lamps, for example for more comfort and relaxation.
  • What is your favorite colour? Neutral colours are accepted as soothing and relaxing and the more intensive are more stimulating. You can choose stronger colours for the walls and softer for the upholstery and the bed clothes. This will allow you easier cleaning and when you decide to move out faster end of lease sanitising.
  • Be careful with the art – size and themes are very important here – bigger pictures or sculptures take over the room, also some themes are inappropriate if you are not extremely vagabond type.