How to store your leather and suede goods

Store the leather clothesSummer is already here, don’t you think it is time to pack your winter clothes and give a new life to all your colourful summer clothing?

Leather and suede are popular materials that most of the people prefer for jackets, coats and other sorts of winter clothes. They look great and if you want to preserve the beauty of your leather and suede clothes and extend their life, you should follow some simple tips when storing them away for the next winter season. Check the tips below.

  • Always stuff your shoes and bags with paper when storing them away. This will guarantee that they will keep their original shape.
  • Stuff with acid-free paper also the arms of coats and jackets. Never use newspaper or paper with ink because the ink can dye your coat or jacket.
  • Hang your leather or suede clothes on massive, wood hangers. Metal hangers are not good idea –they can cause indentation in leather.
  • Do not wrap your leather and suede goods in plastic. Plastic coverings do not let  leather breathe and  are  wonderful breeding ground for mould and mildew.
  • Pay attention on the temperature of the space or room where your leather and suede goods are stored. Keep them in a cool place with no exposure to direct sunlight. Make sure that the storage place has been cleaned properly when you have done your home cleaning.
  • Leather and suede shoes and bags should be conditioned once in a while to avoid the possibility of cracking and ruining them.
  • If you are not sure what products and methods you should use for cleaning your leather and suede goods – ask for the help of professional cleaning experts. They will add extra cleaning services for leather cleaning to your usual steam carpet cleaning or domestic cleaning offer.

As you see, the tips for storing your leather and suede goods are quite easy, but the result is more than great – your leather and suede goods will be in excellent condition season after season.