Feng Shui for vestibules and corridors

Feng Shui for corridor

One of the most important things for the corridor according to Feng Shui is it to be very well-lit. You know that light is extremely important, it should be in abundance and if it is not possible that it is natural, it should be selected so as not to irritate the eyes and mind. Furnish your hallway according to Feng Shui! Read more:

  • If the hallway in your home is very small, there is no need to add paintings and other objects. It is enough to put a hanger. The walls in the small hall must be white.
  • Often corridor is used for storage of various things, so feng shui offers all the things you want to store there, to keep in a sufficiently large wardrobe.
  • Even you enjoy a spacious hall, it is not advisable to fill it with furniture or any decorations. There should be enough space and light. Since the corridor is the most used part of the home, the floor there must be easy for cleaning. Your domestic cleaners Balham will take a good care of it.
  • To look interesting corridor should be clear – if you have enough space, you can order any pictures on the walls, but do not overdo with it. The front door of the house should be opened without a problem – do not put anything behind, that may impede your entry in your home.
  • The first thing you see as you enter the home is very important according to feng shui. You can put some potted flowers – they will open up space and are suitable to be the first thing that will fall on your eyes. They symbolize prosperity. In case of moving out and post tenancy cleaning Chelsea, take the pots with you.
  • A good idea is to add a mirror, which will further open the room – it is good to be big. In no case, however, do not place a mirror opposite the front door – according to feng shui that will not allow luck to come into your home.

Are you ready to remodel your hallway according to feng shui principles?

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