The most modern heaters look like paintings on the wall

New heaters are looking as pieces of art

Only a few years ago a new type of heater appeared on the market – it looks like a picture. It is made of carbon materials and has excellent thermal conduction properties. Check out more details:

  • The technology using carbon compounds to create heating elements appeared in the early 60s. The first prototypes of the modern wall heaters enter the market in the early 90s of last century.
  • These heaters gain popularity and are subject to constant interest from users. Over the years, the technology for their production suffered from a number of changes and improvements. Certain production methods allow to increase their reliability and stability and to improve their quality characteristics.
  • Heaters, that look like paintings are characterized by extreme compactness, economy and lack of fire hazard. They take up little space and do not dry the air in the heated space. The efficiency of their work is 25% higher than the efficiency of traditional heaters. Your professional cleaners London will be impressed if they see such a high-tech heater in your home.
  • The heating element, which forms the basis represents itself pressed carbon fiber layer carrying an electric current flowing to the opposite side of this layer. Thanks to this, a great heating surface of the heater is ensured and equal heat distribution is provided.
  • These heaters radiate soft warmth. 70% of this warmth is represented by infrared radiation, which is absorbed by the various objects in the room. With such a wonderful heater, you won’t need a fluffy carpet for winter, so you will save efforts from carpet cleaning London too. The heater provides even distribution throughout the room. These devices are also useful against condensation and excess moisture in the premises.

The most modern homes are equipped with this heater. What about you? Would you buy one?