Feng shui in the bathroom

Decorate your bathroom according Feng Shui

One of the most important things in the bathroom according to Feng Shui is the lighting. It is believed that the central lighting in general is not enough and it is desirable to have a few more sources of light, including several candles. Another important part is the mirror – according to feng shui, the mirror is the symbol of water. Check out more details:

  • It is recommended near the tub or the shower to put a shelf on which to put your aromatic salts. According to Feng shui even if you don’t use them, they are crucial for the atmosphere in the room. In order to soothe the senses, you should pick up scents of sea breeze and lavender.
  • It’s nice to be able to listen to music in the bathroom, but more important, according to feng shui is to have proper ventilation. The room should be warm too. A carpet in the bathroom is not a good idea, because of the moisture. Plus you don’t need one more rug for carpet cleaning Chelsea.
  • If the bathroom and the toilet are connected do not forget to always close the lid of the toilet when you have a bath. If you leave it open, according to feng shui, this means that your wealth will run inside.
  • Furthermore, when entering the room itself it is not a good idea the first thing to see to be the toilet. To have enough chi energy in the bathroom you should have enough space.
  • Furnish the bathroom to be simple – it’s recommended to have everything needed for a bath, without unnecessary decorations and objects.
  • To bring a sense of relaxation in the bathroom, put towels in green and purple. These colors will help you relax. Blue hues are also a good idea for the bathroom, because they are associated with water. But as the blue color doesn’t create a feeling of warmth, it needs to be combined with other colors, so the bathroom will radiate warmth and serenity.
  • It’s nice to put something green close to the bathroom – it can be potted plant. It is necessary to put it in a ceramic pot.
  • It is nice for the bathroom to be located far from the entrance. According to feng shui guests remember what they first or last have seen. In this regard, it is believed that the toilet is not the best first impression. However, after the end of tenancy cleaning Ealing, your landlord will inspect the space carefully no matter how far it is from the entrance.

Do you believe in Feng shui principles? If yes, apply them for your bathroom!