Yellow color in the interior – tips and rules

Tips and tricks on how to add yellow in the interior of your home

Yellow interior is а common phenomenon. If you like yellow and you want this colour in your home, see the following advice:

  • Designers do not recommend to use the yellow color on large surfaces. For example floors, walls, ceilings and tiles in the bathroom. When in such large quantities, the yellow will be too obtrusive. At certain moments it can irritate your eyes.
  • Interior specialists also advise to add yellow under the form of accessories or accents in separate furniture. For example: in the kitchen you may have yellow curtains or yellow dishes, lampshades, napkins, chairs, cushions on the couch, hand towels. The kitchen in yellow unconditionally would look warm and cozy. With this color appetite of your guests will be stronger than ever. This color raises the mood and makes you feel energized. If you add one quick, last minute cleaning  London before the arrival of your guests, everything will be perfect.
  • If you make your living room too yellow, it will look too “warm”. The bright atmosphere will constantly attract your attention, so you can not focus on activity like reading, for example. It will be difficult also to watch TV or to work.
  • Nursery in yellow is a great option. Yellow is the brightest, warm and cheerful color for the nursery and kids really love it. Yellow stimulates their activity, sociability and helps them to be in physical shape. Yellow helps for children’s development by stimulating intellectual functions and is suitable color for preparing the educational area.
  • When it comes to your bedroom, yellow color is not suitable. As it is too bright and exciting the senses and it will not allow you to relax and rest. If you’re still looking for sunny colors and warmth, buy a yellow colored linens or pillows. They will create the sought mood. Even your carpet cleaners Chelsea will give you the same advice.
  • Designers say, that in spaces such as bathroom yellow color is dangerous. There is a danger for you to get dizzy. If you limit yourself to yellow accessories in your bathroom, the place will become warmer in appearance, and in the morning your eyes will have on what to focus.

What about you? Did you use the yellow color for your interior?

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