Getting rid of pet urine odor: Hardwood edition

Pet accidents on the floor, especially hardwood floor, require quick reaction. Here are some tips how to remove pet urine odour and stain properly.

If your cat or dog has done a little puddle on the floor, you have to become a Rapid Response Force. If per urine seep into the parquette, it may inevitably damage the wood look and smell to the point that it should be replaced.

Pet stains on wooden floors should be immediately cleaned, before the urine soaked inside.

When your pet leaves a puddle on the floor, blot the urine with paper towels as soon as you see it. Firmly press the towel to draw the moist out of the wood. Repeat this several times to ensure you’ve soaked up as much as possible.

Next time you shop at your favorite pet shop, ask for recommendations for enzyme based floor cleaner. Get a bucket and squirt about two ounces of the fluid inside and fill up the bucket with hot water. Mop the floor with thus prepared solution. The odour should disappear completely, because the enzymatic detergent breaks down the protein contained in urine stains.

If you don’t have enzyme based cleaning detergent at this moment, make your own mix from baking soda and dish washing detergent for similar result.

What about the carpets? Can the smell go away?

It can. Absorb the urine with paper towels, then spray the wet area with vinegar solution and let it dry. The odour should disappear after carpet drying and the vinegar smell evaporates in just hours.

If you have old permanent stain on the wooden floor, try to soak a cloth in hydrogen peroxide and spread it directly on the stain. Pound the cloth with a book or other heavy object and let it stay like this overnight.

I hope this was detailed, informative and useful. Read our blog for more interesting tips.