How to clean after your cat

When cat is home alone

Having a furry friend indoors is always a challenge. The most common questions are: “Is it reasonable to leave my cat home-alone all day while nobody’s there”,  “What can I do to make my cat busy” and of course “how to clean after cat” These are very good questions because although cats need much less attention as compared to dogs, they can sometimes make a mess while you’re out. Well, some cat toys may help in the situation.

Keep the cat busy when gone

Here are several ideas you can use.

  • Play a cat video. Yes, that’s right there are actually 2-hour long videos on Youtube that are specially designed to grab cat’s attention. Although cats have very short attention spans, they will love it for quite a while. Every cat is different, so it depends on your cat’s hunting instincts. If you have domestic cleaners, who usually clean while you’re at work, you can ask them to play the video during their cleaning visit and keep an eye on cat’s reactions.

  • Peek-a-prize toy box. This interesting cat toy triggers your cat’s hunting instincts. By the time your cat gets bored by the peek-a-prize toy, it’s time for a good sleep.

  • Go!Cat!Go! Play-n-Treat Balls.  The small colourful balls that you can fill up with treats are a perfect distraction for your cat. There are two balls in a pack and it is not that expensive. You can order on the web.

  • Brown paper shopping bags. Yes, this is the cheapest and probably one of the most effective solutions of the problem. Cats love to play with these bags. Just spread the bags on the carpet and let the cat enjoy itself. Make sure you book for professional carpet cleaners Battersea at least once a year because the carpet accumulates a lot of germs that can be hazardous for you and your furry friend.

How to clean after cat

We do love cats but and they are really clean animals, however sometimes you need to clean after them. Here are our tips on how to clean your home after cat:

  • Use HEPA filters, they are very durable and with high quality
  • Its best to get rid of your carpets, as they keep lots of cat and germs
  • Vacuum and clean the floors daily
  • The furniture fabric must be washed regularly
  • Clean up accidents immediately
  • Scoop the litter box daily
  • Deal with couch stains promptly

Cats are adorable animals but sometimes they need some distraction. You can use any of these ideas to make yours happier while it’s home-alone and of course clean after them once they done playing 🙂