Smart alternatives to conventional coffee tables

smart alternative to coffe table

Whether high or low, the coffee table is something one should be proud of. Some of the alternatives to the standard coffee table are universal, others are equipped with storage space, while others are made of old objects. What they have in common is their ability to attract attention and to be transformed into the focal point of the living room.

Check out some ideas for smart alternatives to normal coffee tables:

Crates or pallets. Old pallets or crates are characterized by versatility and are a great substitute for regular tables. They may simply be placed upside down, but it is also possible to use screws, so that the table becomes stable and can be moved. Paint will transform completely this project.

Suitcase. The big old suitcase not only adds vintage charm of the room, but there is an additional function – providing space for storing some belongings. This is an ideal option for people who do not have much space available. It is also possible to cover the top with a watertight piece that will protect the surface from traces of water or coffee. Your house cleaners will be definitely impressed from your original and nonstandard coffee table.

Mat. You can put it on the basis of plywood that can easily be removed later if a person decides to install a carpet on the floor. The visual impression is that the rug flies.

Removable table. A piece of glass with the appropriate sizes can easily turn into great coffee table. You only have to put some wheels, which will ensure the mobility of the table. Thus during your carpet cleaning, you will only move the table away.

Log. People who want to bring nature into the interior of the living room can think of processed log. It will create a rustic atmosphere.

Drums. If you have drums that you don’t use for playing, you can change their application and to start using them as a set of fun coffee tables. We only need to put panels of glass that would protect the surface of the drums.


See? If you are creative, you can invent your own, super original coffee table. Do not be afraid to experiment! Take on that DIY project and will be satisfied with what you have done with your own hands. And at the end of the day your house will look better and will feel more comfortable.