How to organise your jewelry

Jewelry organisationThey say gems have their own life – their colours speak and they say what words fail of. Female jewelry is the hidden speech a woman wants to tell to the whole world – with secret messages and beautiful epistle.

Here are a couple of ideas that may show you how to organise your jewelry. No more searching for the second piece of your favourite pair of earrings! Finally, you can forget about unearthing lost necklaces. Last, but not least – you may display your stunning jewelry as a part of your bedroom decoration. Learn more:

  • Jewelry tree – a decorative trunk with several curved stalks may help you hang all of the necklaces, bracelets and pendants. Glamour of the precious stones and the natural line of the tree will look artistic and creative together.
  • Hanger jewelry holder – extremely simple to make and very easy to use! Add some extra small hooks on an old loop and shoulder and organise a magnificent set of all your gems at home!
  • Lattice panel – wrought iron or ordinary grid wooden board with tiny web can hold your earrings, hair accessories and baubles. Putting it on a display next to the dressing table in your private room will create a lovely girlish atmosphere.
  • A set of mini porcelain plates – that Chinese set of tea and dessert plates you got from your mommy can do a great job for your jewelry store organisation! Place the smallest items in each of the vessels and arrange them in a beautiful mosaic next to the mirror.
  • Paris Window Doll – adorn it with your pairs of watch, bracelets, necklaces and pendants. Put the rings on, set the sunglasses, and use the head of the plastic doll for scarves, hats and hair accessories! Somehow, this doll will look alive with all of your pieces of jewelry.

Jewelry reflects feminine soul the way handwriting reflects a character or windows reflects inner life in a house. You do keep your conservatory and sashes pure and sanitised with regular window cleaning, don’t you? So, don’t you agree that jewelry needs to be kept stored and preserved always shining, charming and impressive? Choose your favorite idea and put an order in your gem world!