How soon we should change the carpets at home

How soon we should change the carpetsCarpets are back in the game of superb interior design creations and we are all happy with this! It was very plain, boring and quite empty to see a house in a too minimalistic or vanguard style that does not include any rug or at least a tiny mat in the decoration. Well, thank God, these modern interior fashion trends are in past and we can welcome the old, but gold carpets at home again. Though, one interesting and good question arouse in our mind thinking of all these – how soon we should change the carpets at home?

Is there any traditional duration a normal carpet can last? Or are there any particular signs we should see and only then to consider getting rid of the old and buying a new carpet! See what conclusions we have come to:

  • Natural carpets and those made of delicate materials cannot last more than 10 years without having visible plain and dirty signs. Even if you are extremely prudent in the rug maintenance at home, do not expect more than this duration of a woollen or Persian carpet.
  • Carpets that have been treated with chemicals and too drastic detergents only will not last forever, either. The golden rule for calculating the date you need to buy a new carpet is simple – the more toxic solvents you apply, the sooner the purchase day will come!
  • You can always ask your house cleaners, on the other side, if there is yet any point for them to sanitise your home carpets. They are experts and they may judge if there is a little bit more life for your hand-knotted rug better than you!
  • Speaking of professional carpet treatment, we have something else to say. Those rugs that were never touched by your ignorant hand, may last even 1 more decade. However, if you keep pushing, vacuuming and scrubbing on your carpet, there is no way for you to preserve it for long.

There is one certain thing – any carpet that does not suit your interior design or your new fashion preferences any more, should be replaced with a new one by all means!