Fabrics that do not like fabric softener

Washing with softenerFabric softeners are really stunning and helpful – especially when you want your clothes to smell like a paradise garden and to be soft enough for your delicate and sensitive skin.
Though, there are items and to be more specific – fabrics – that may not like the ingredients of the fabric softener. Learn what fibres you must not wash and refresh with softening products! First of all, you will not get the desired effect – awesome fragrance and tender mildness. And second of all, you may even damage some of your home items or most favourite clothes:

  • Flame-Retardant clothing items. Mostly, these are your children’s clothes, of course. Such fibres are used for manufacturing kid’s pyjamas or sleeping gowns. Though, the more fabric softener you use to sanitise them, the more flammable they become. Keep in mind that the elements of this laundry product actually reduce the ability of clothes not to flame!
  • Towels. You have ever performed a deep and thorough post tenancy cleaning procedure, you must be already aware that a landlord can be quite peddling. In such lease situation, even one ruined towel can be a problem for you to get your tenancy deposit back. Well, if you have not lived in a rented property, know that the towels do not like fabric softener, either. Once you wash them with it, they become rough and not as fluffy as you picked them from the store.
  • Active sportswear. The specific thing about these outfit items is that they are made of materials, which are designed to absorb the sweat. Also, in this way they keep you cool and remain tight and fitted for your body. Using fabric softener, you will make the professional and qualitative sportswear ordinary cheap cotton items that will not be good enough for your fitness activities anymore.
  • Microfiber. In case your cleaning maid is a new visitor in your home area, make sure you will warn her not to use any fabric softener on such fibres. The microfiber absorbs dust perfectly well, so they do not require to be soaked in some liquid detergents – especially fabric softeners.

Last, but not least, never go too far with the softening products even in your general laundry or on the fibres that like them. Sometimes, the softeners may waste a material and you may later regret about it!