Museums at Night in London

Museums at night in LondonWhat could be better than spending lots of time in sightseeing among London? Doing it at night! Yes, we are talking about the favorite and so awaited event of Museums at Night in London! Even if you have thought that visiting galleries and watching ancient artifacts is boring, this experience will change your mind. The mysterious and romantic air of the night will definitely add some spark into the traditional museum tour in London, so do not miss the chance to become a part of this fascinating and cultural enrichment!

  • When? – the Museums at Night even will take part from 15th to 17th of May. There is no need to make a specification when the galleries and all the exhibitions will be opened for visitations – of course, after midnight! Just like lots of Cinderellas, all the history and culture lovers in London may start their crowded tours.
  • According to the official program of the event, almost 70 museums and galleries will become parts of the massive and so exclusive Museums at Night in London. Among them, of course, Museum of London, Freud Museum, Courtauld Gallery and Museum of Soho are listed.
  • The Connect 10 – the superb project joins the mission of the Museums at Night in London! This project brings lots of famous local people, musicians, artists and show starts to make the even greater. Their show will be devoted to entertainment, but its gold mission is to make people care about culture and history more!
  • The objects, artifacts and remains that will be exposed on the Museums at Night in London will follow the period from the Great Fire in 1666 till the present day.
  • The newest and the most contemporary art galleries will come up with exclusive collections that have been kept for the awesome Museums at Night in London event!

Get a company and enjoy the funniest event in London!