How to organize kitchen drawers

Kitchen drawers - how to organize them

How organized kitchen drawers may help you

The kitchen is, without a doubt, one of the most used areas in every household. So it makes sense to organize your kitchen in such way that it would be easier to use on everyday basis. Having organized kitchen drawers can help you in a number of ways:

  1. Saves time: When you know exactly where to find everything, you won’t waste time rummaging through cluttered drawers.
  2. Reduces stress: An orderly kitchen can help reduce stress and make cooking and meal prep more enjoyable.
  3. Increases efficiency: Being able to find what you need quickly can help you work more efficiently in the kitchen.
  4. Prevents accidents: An organized kitchen can help prevent accidents, such as cutting yourself on a sharp object that was hidden in a cluttered drawer.
  5. Makes it easier to clean: With everything in its proper place, it’s easier to wipe down the drawers and keep them clean.

Overall, organizing your kitchen drawers can help you make the most of your space, save time and energy, and reduce stress and frustration.

Useful tips on how to organize your kitchen drawers in the best way possible.

  • Empty all drawers and see what is in there. Take everything out of the drawers and sort through the items. Discard anything that you no longer need or use.Undoubtedly, there will be some items you rarely use. Practice the “six months rule”. Put all the items you haven’t used for the past six months in the very top drawer. Just don’t forget about them when it’s time to do end of tenancy cleaning Lodnon.
  • Organize your kitchen objects by groups. Group objects with similar purpose, shape and sizes. Sort all the pans together in the corner and place the baking items at the other corner. For example group similar items together, such as all the baking tools in one spot and all the utensils in another.
  • Organize your cabinets. Once you have grouped all the items by their purpose you can decide where they should go. Of course, all the items you use the most should be stored into the nearest, easy to reach drawers. Consider using drawer organizers, such as dividers or trays, to keep items from shifting and to make it easier to find what you need.
  • Use clear plastic containers for the small items. Smallest objects are easy to lose in the mess. The best way is to buy clear containers so you can easily see what is inside or you can just put labels.
  • Utilize the full height of the drawer by using stackable containers or risers to create more space. Place the items that you use most frequently in the drawers that are easiest to reach.
  • You can use a magazine holder for your cutting boards. This way you can save money for buying a new cutting board holder. Use the saved money to book for that carpet cleaning London you constantly reschedule.
  • Label the drawers or containers to help you quickly find what you need
  • Use drawer dividers. Drawer dividers are great to organize your kitchen in no time.
  • Be sure to periodically go through the drawers and declutter to keep them organized.

With these simple and yet very effective drawer storage techniques, you will organize your kitchen in not time. Store the stuff you rarely use in the top drawers and once you are done you will see that the lack of space solution does not require much time or efforts. Now you may want to learn on how to clean and maintain nonstick cookware?

House cleaning expert advise on organized kitchen drawers

Based on our professional house cleaning expertise. We believe that you can organize the kitchen drawers on your own. This will save you lots of time in the kitchen and in your house hold at all. However we need to warn you that this is time consuming job. Especially if you haven’t done it in long period of time. Thus you need to prepare with lots of passions. The other option is simple to call the professional house cleaning experts. Then we will clean and organize not only the kitchen drawers and cabinets too. Our cleaners will take care of your kitchen, as its theirs.


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