How to store spices

Spices - how to store them properlyEach part of housework has its basic rules. Spices are no exception. When it comes to them, the rules are not associated only with their use to the various dishes, but also with their adequate storage. Here they are:

  • The main rule for storage of your spices is to keep them in dark places with low humidity and average temperatures. Do not put them in direct sunlight or anywhere where it is warm.
  • Another effect that may influence on the quality of your spices is the variety of smells in the kitchen. You should to put the spices in separate vessels that are opaque, and will be opened when it is necessary to use. If you cook very often, then you will get rid of the odours completely if you use domestic cleaning services London.
  • If you are used to keep all your spices in the same container, then you’ve perhaps experienced that all spices have the same taste, no matter which one you have added to the dish. It is totally inappropriate to keep the spices in one place, so using them will have no point.
  • Well, you can grow different spices at home, so after their removal there are several ways to store them. Drying is a popular way for that. Tie the bundle of spice and place it in a dry place, which is also well-ventilated.
  • Another practical method is putting the spice on a newspaper and cover with another newspaper, then allow it to dry (at home or on the terrace). And finally, you can use cans or jars to keep them there. The same way you can dry herbs. This technique, however, has a risk the spice to come in contact with moisture. So it should be checked periodically and you have to change the place from time to time.
  • You may store the fresh spices in freezer – you should previously wash and cut, them, then pile them in bags or boxes. That would be convenient if you are going to move out recently. So you will leave the tough job to your end of tenancy cleaners London and you’ll start packing your stuff.

As you know, most of the spices may be found on the market in two versions – ready to be used and pulverized, and such that you have to prepare in the necessary condition for your culinary purpose. You can find vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper or sticks and scrape them immediately before use – so the flavor will be quite strong! Your dish will be tastier and you will impress both your guests and family.