How to prepare for the upcoming football season?

The summer is just around the corner and the avid football fans are impatient to play their favourite game and gather together to watch important matches. All that sounds entertaining, but if you are in charge of keeping the house neat and clean, football season might not be your favourite part of the summer. Here are a few tips and tricks how you can remedy the situation without being a wet blanket who ruins the fun of the boys watching or playing football:

  • Playing football is inevitably associated with muddy sneakers, sweaty outfits and grass stains. While you can easily toss the sweaty t-shirts into the washing machine, what are you supposed to do with the grass stains, considered really difficult to clean? If the stain is on the carpet, you’d better prepare either for calling the professional in carpet cleaning or for a scrubbing project where the old known dishwashing liquid will once again prove its outstanding cleaning properties. Scrub the affected area and leave the solution to take effect. If the colour of your carpet is dark, you should opt for a mild detergent or you risk causing discolouration. You are not advised to treat the stain with ammonia or a degreaser as the grass will settle in the carpet fabrics for good.
  • As for removing stains from clothes, you should prepare in advance and get a bunch of stain removers. Alternatively, you can pour rubbing alcohol onto the stain or just soak it into lukewarm water and laundry detergent. If the piece of fabrics can be treated with bleach, go ahead and use it.
  • What is the best cleaning approach for muddy shoes? The first impulse you have when you see an expensive pair of sneakers covered in mood is to wash them right away. Well, you’d better wait until the mud gets dry and beat the shoes against a hard surface to remove loose dirt and debris. Then, wipe down with a paper towel and scrub the remaining dirt with an old toothbrush. If possible, remove the laces in order to be able to clean the inside fabrics better. If they are still dirty, put them in a fabrics bag and throw them into the washing machine. Let them dry in open space area. In order to remove any unpleasant odours, sprinkle some baking soda or stuff them with old newspapers.
  • If a long football season is approaching and all matches are to be watched on the TV in your living room, your domestic cleaning will not only get more complicated, but you might also be deterred from performing them. That’s why you’d better talk with the family members about cleanliness in advance.
  • It would be frustrating to run a vacuum cleaner in a tedious moment when a penalty is shot-out or go back and forth the room and do the dusting. So, the best thing you can do is to ask the football fans to keep the empty chips and popcorn packs in a trash bag. Ask them to do the same with the beer and fizzy drinks bottles.
  • Utilise the time during the commercials breaks for a fast cleanup. Deal with any spills right away and go for a fast vacuuming of the high traffic areas. Get rid of the trash, too.
  • Watching a sports game is the perfect chance to bond with the kids. Yet, if one of the parents just can’t stand watching football for an hour and a half, the other can take them to a place where they can watch the game, eat popcorn and enjoy some quality time together. Meanwhile, the other aren’t can take some time off from the screams and the mess created in the living room.
  • If you feel like you are not going to survive the football season without help for the cleaning chores performance, set a schedule and divide the cleaning tasks. After all, if everyone performs a 10-minute cleanup, the place will be cleaner and you will not feel exhausted. You can even turn it into a game. For example, if the team X wins, Y has to wash the dishes or whatever comes to your mind.

Football is the most popular sport in the world for a reason. It brings excitement and unforgettable memories, so you might just have to put up with the fact that your house cleaning chores will not follow the usual schedule while the football season is in progress. Of, course, don’t miss the line of communication and insist on being helped out with the cleaning chores. If you wish, you can be a part of the football emotions. You never know, you might actually like the game if you join the die-hard football fans on the sofa in the living room.