Is your garden ready for spring? Follow these 10 easy steps!

With the end of cold days, it’s about time to think about cleaning and refreshing your garden. Weeding and mulching may not be the most fun part of spring activities, but they are very important and you should not miss them. Just think about how beautiful your garden will look after you take a good care of it. Spring flowers are very attractive with their bright colours and fresh aromas. Moreover – fresh, green grass is amazing too. You have 2 options when it comes to your garden – you may request professional gardening services or you may undertake the mission on your own. The second option is appropriate for people with enthusiasm, who are not afraid of weeds and mud. If you choose to start the gardening project all by yourself, it will be easier to prepare your garden for spring by following these 10 easy steps:

  • Clean your garden – first of all, you should remove dead plants and weeds. They have no place in your good-looking yard. During the winter season, yellow leaves, fallen twigs and any other debris will be gathered. You should remove them all in order to provide yourself a field for future actions. The whole family may help to get things done faster with that annoying occupation. You will need a rake to accomplish this step.
  • Feed the soil. This step should never be underestimated. To prepare soil for new plants, it is good to fertilize it. This way the subsequently planted plants will grow healthy and strong. In specialised shops, you may find various types of fertilizers. Ask the shopping consultants about their features and usage. You have to be aware of the fact, that chemical fertilizers represent just one option to feed the soil in your garden. The other alternative is composting. Nowadays there are many gardeners who prepare their own compost in eco-friendly ways. Keep in mind, that composting represents very simple and green way to add nutrient-rich humus to your soil. It will definitely stimulate plant growth and it will restore vivacity of depleted soil. The great advantage is that composting is entirely free, harmless for the environment and last, but not least – it is very easy to make on your own. If you are interested, you can find more information and even video tutorials in the web.
  • Take care of vegetables. If you have decided to try yourself in growing delicious tomatoes and cucumbers, early spring is the perfect time to start. Those of you who have taken care of these vegetables know, that seedlings should be prepared in advance in little pots.

Grow your vegetables

  • Use ready plants. Those of you are not very experienced in gardening projects, may use ready plants. Just find some free time to visit the nearby nursery garden and buy already grown annual plants to put in your garden. Colourful accents will instantly give your yard amazing spring charm.
  • Think of bushes and trees. Besides fresh flowers, you will need to plant some new bushes and trees. Consider an appropriate place for them and plant your new shrubs or trees. Early spring is the perfect time to do it.
  • Place garden accessories. Think about adding a beautiful statue or a fountain. The statue is an affordable option to add elegance and uniqueness. When it comes to the fountain, you will definitely need some professional help in order to achieve great results. These accessories represent a good investment, because they will provide you super stylish and elegant garden.
  • Check the pots. Don’t miss to check your pots for possible cracks and, if necessary, replace them with new ones. These cracks are often provoked by changes in temperature and long periods of usage. In addition, those plants that have become too large for their pots, should also be replanted in new bigger containers.
  • Consider garden furniture. Soon, your garden will be beautiful enough to organize your outdoor parties, so think about buying a set of chic garden furniture or at least refresh those that you already have. You may find nice troves even at local flea markets.
  • Check older plants. Make sure all the old plants are healthy. Check them out for crippled and yellowed edges. Other damages as a result of winter frost are also possible.
  • Mulching – gardening experts claim, that this is one of the most beneficial practices, that are used to improve tree health. They have to be spread over the soil surface in order to improve soil conditions and to maintain good level of moisture.

Well, now you are ready to prepare the garden for spring. Follow these 10 easy steps and get ready to enjoy the wonderful result! Your wonderful garden is the best place to enjoy sunny days in Spring, Summer and even early Autumn; to receive guests; to grow your own vegetables or simply to relax.