How to recognise the good housekeeper

How to recognise the good housekeeper Good housekeeping isn’t a job; it’s a talent or a craft that some people have mastered for years. Even with their appearance they leave the impression that their whole life is organised and tidy. Probably you have some among your friends or colleagues; every time you go to visit their place everything is just as clean and as organised as needed. Do they have some “visible” traits that can help you recognise them? Not exactly visible but there is something in their behavior that says that they can handle it.

They are not afraid to put some effort to finish a task or work.

You can trust them. We don’t talk about personal secrets trust. Here the deal is in whole different level: when this people say that certain thing will be done, they are going to do it.

They won’t give you up. The last moment cancellation and “something came up” is not their way to postpone appointment, no matter personal or professional. They also don’t juggle with too many tasks at the same time.

They give attention to the detail. It’s not enough to be done, it should be done properly. These people would be expert carpet cleaners. They will not only clean the carpet, they will spot the difference in the length of the fibers, their inclination and if the carpet has been treated with anti-stain and anti-allergic products.

They are very caring and would do extra work on their own initiative without invitation to improve the whole thing that was done – cleaning, fixing, project planning, painting, etc.

What is most important – their flexibility. Their sensitivity and strict thought make them perfect helpers during deep tenancy cleaning. They can even help you pack your stuff in separate boxes with list on the side of the box what is within the box. With them you can be sure that you will get your deposit back, because they will spot everything that is wrong during the cleaning – the mould behind the toilet seat, the dirt over the door or the oily spots on the oven glass.