Washing powder or liquid detergent – which is better for your laundry

Washing powder or liquid detergentDoing the laundry is one of the biggest domestic chores and it forms serious costs. More than twenty percent of the household’s water use comes from laundry. These days everybody is trying to be eco-friendly and to show some love to the planet. This is not a bad idea, having in mind that this will also save you some money. There are plenty of detergents on the market. Choosing the wrong one, may cause your machine to spend extra water. That’s because it needs more working cycles to remove the detergent from the clothes. So have in mind the following advices on how to choose the right detergent.

  • Cleaning

The actual chemicals that do the cleaning are the bleaching agents and the surfactants. Both liquid and powder detergents have them. Powdered cleaners have higher concentration of these chemicals.

  • Longevity

Cleaning chemicals are more stable as a substance in dry form. In liquid form, they become less effective with time. If you choose powdered detergent you can leave it in the cabinet for some time. You may use it a year later and still it will be effective.

  • Dilution of the chemicals

Powdered detergents have to be diluted in water in order to be used. This is a con for their use. In order to dilute them, you have to do it in warm water. Liquid detergents are already diluted. So with such a detergent you can use colder water to do the laundry. For using the powdered cleansers you have to spend that extra energy for heating the water.

  • Transportation

This is a drawback from using the liquid ones. Transportation of liquids is ineffective. Also the energy needed to dilute the detergents is already spent in the factory. And transportation of liquids is not eco-friendly at all. Why it has to be done in the factory, when the washing machine manages with this, pretty well. Another advantage of powdered cleansers is that they are quite multifunctional. With such a cleanser you can do the oven cleaning too. But you have to be careful. Spend only a little of the detergent and make sure it’s all cleaned at the end.