Invite Asia in your bedroom!

Asian styled bedroomTalking about Asian style we imagine a couple of basic definitions: simplicity, clarity, air, balance and tradition and not on last place – Zen. Bedroom is the room that is the root of our vital energy. This recreation place should be carefully planned and designed. But don’t think that the Asian style is just Zen. Zen itself is a philosophy that can be incorporated in any style. But let’s see how you can get the biggest continent on Earth into your bedroom:

– Asia more than Japan. Use your bedroom renovation project to broaden your knowledge about this distant continent. Use what you have learned to create one unique place as are the cultures of India, Thailand, Cambodia and so on.

– Bet on the materials. For Asian style natural materials like wood, stone, silk, cotton, wool and rattan are typical. Get furniture of bamboo to recall Japan and to keep the room lighter with its color. Yew with its natural patterns gives unrepeatable scent to every space.Silk for thebed clothing will make you not only feel like Asian but also as royalty. One of the best features of these materials is their simple maintenance that will ease the regular home cleaning process.

– Use symbols and patterns. And this means quite a wide range – elephants, Yin yang, bamboo leaves, pandas, Buda, lotuses. As we said almost everything that resembles Asia can be used, including the great variety of alphabets used around the continent. Just keep in mind that with overdoing you will get rather kitschy than elegant look.

– Choose authentic accessories. Bring out memories from distant travels or dreams for such with items that are one of a kind or are handmade. You can take a tour around the local Chinese or other shops and flea markets. Of course, if you want real antique head to the auctions and the licensed traders. If you want something real it will be probably expensive, but it looks like an art investment. The most common items that you can find are vases, plates, statues but also chests, boxes and carpets. Be careful with the carpet sanitising though, because they are made of fragile materials and damaging them can lead to loss of the value.