Never put these kitchen items in the dishwasher

Items you should never put in the dishwasher

You surely love your dishwasher as it saves you hundreds of hours a year from doing the dishes. We all know that this is not among the most pleasant cleaning tasks at home so you should at least take proper care for your true assistant. Read on to see which items you should never put in the dishwasher in order not to damage both the machine and the things.

  • Forget about putting your crystal glass at the dishwasher. These objects are super sensitive and may lose their shine. So better next time you have used them just hand wash them with warm water.
  • Under no circumstances put your non-stick pans in the dishwasher. Yes, some of the manufacturers claim their products are safe to wash your teflon pans in them. However, better wash them by hand to save yourself headaches later. The coating is more likely to be damaged by the rough cycle of your favorite kitchen appliance. Your dishwasher can help you a lot, but still there are some tasks of your Clapham domestic cleaning procedures you should not leave for it!
  • A tip we heard from experts in end of tenancy cleaning Clapham is to make sure nothing with stickers or labels is put in the dishwasher. The explanation is simple – hot water will peel off the stickers and it will clog your machine. This can lead to a flooded kitchen so to avoid that peel off the labels before putting your items in or just hand wash them.
  • If you are into crafts don’t put your precious handmade creations in the dishwasher. Or maybe you want to undo that creativity of yours? Hand wash your mugs with inspirational quotes so they don’t vanish after the washing cycle.
  • Keep you wooden spatulas and spoons away from the dishwasher! It is more likely for them to crack apart because of the high heat.
  • If you have fancy-handled knives wash them by hand. Putting them in the dishwasher may lead to fading of the handle colour. You probably have invested a decent amount of money in such a piece of art so take care of it properly!

As every other thing, your dishwasher has its limits. When it comes to washing certain kitchen items better do it by hand. Still be thankful for the extra free time you have because of your serviceable dishwasher!