Old instruments become impressive decoration

Transform your old instruments into beautiful decorationThe violin of your great-grandfather is broken or no one plays it anymore? It’s not a reason to sell it or to let it root on the ceiling. Every object can be awaken for a new life with a couple of alterations. A bit of paint, some decorative patterns, foil or anything that come into your mind can work out.

  1. Violins. The most tender of the musical instruments can become beautiful flower pot, impressive wall jewel or a picture pane or frame. Let’s just make this note: you shouldn’t use Stradivarius’ instrument or any other notable and potentially valuable instrument. It doesn’t even need to be an instrument. You can make or buy a piece that resembles the shape. If you decide to use old cheap one. Think of the purpose: for a pot you need to polish the inside in order to protect the wood from rotting. For a frame, you need to separate gently the part you want to use. Turn to a specialist in a music shop to tell you what to use to unglue the parts. If you want to make a picture or carving on the back of the violin, just remove the original polish, draw what you want and polish again.
  2. Pianos. The first association of a music lover with pianos is: something grand… and heavy. Like Beethoven for example. Indeed they can become wardrobes or another storage equipment. One way is to remove the legs and use them for stands to put the piano vertically on the wall. Remove all the cords and parts from inside and place a couple of shelves. Another thing is to use it as a sofa or a coffee table. Alter the legs and strengthen the bottom for sofa. Also – order custom made mattress, so you can perform sofa cleaning London on it.
  3. Cords. No matter what instrument you have, if it has cords inside or outside, you can use it for decoration – you can weave unique lamp pendants. Another thing you can do is rings or add extra decoration to pieces you already have, strings are thin and quite durable.
  4. Horns and saxophones. Metal instruments have one big plus – they are “flexible”. You can shape them in form, suitable to your idea. Saxophones become interesting table lamps if you make a place for the bulb. On the minus side, these kinds of instruments rust. Polish them often and use pads under them. Rust stains is one of the things that carpet cleaning London can’t deal with.

Tips here can be applied also to old tools or other objects with narrow application. Not every object has only one way in which you can use it. What you posses defines who you are, and how you use it defines how big is your imagination, use it wisely.