Cover the cables in creative ways

Hide cables in home

Out and in your home, you have plenty of cables – for the Internet, for the electricity, for charging and providing various other services. Sometimes these cables can be unpleasant, irritating or even dangerous. Decide if you want to hide them or to make them a part of the decoration of your home and get to work.

  1. Colorful snake. There are ready-made cable protectors of a couple of colors – yellow and black, for example. Under them you can see a groove where the cable should be placed. To make the snake complete you need to color the socket or the plug in the end of the cable in matching color.
  2. Living in the Matrix. Use the cables around the room to resemble the lines on a computer plate.  If you are into IT or you need to furnish an IT office space, this can be one inspiring decoration, combined with other helpful features. You just need a couple of clinches and nails to secure the cable on the wall.
  3. Cool cable holders. There are is a big variety of cable holders – animals, popular cartoon characters, superheroes. These holders keep a bunch of cables together and when your end of tenancy cleaners London come, they will be able easily to collect every cable and every wire without knots, stumbles and harmed wires and people.
  4. Complete coverage. Cables are one of the most favorite toys of every child or pet. A lot of people are afraid that their kids or their dog can bite a cable and get electrocuted. The best way to prevent such accidents is to cover the cables and the sockets completely. Use boxes, chests and and any other suitable object to cover the dangerous attractions. You can put your charger there, hair straightener or electric shaver. If you think it’s not secure enough – lock it.
  5. Handmade cover. If you consider yourself handy, you can braid the cover yourself. Use materials that are hardly flammable, in other words: avoid paper! Choose a couple of colorful rubber threads and start weaving them. There are many techniques you can try – macrame for example, all depends on you. When this cover gets dirty, just ask the people, performing carpet cleaning services London for you to clean it too.

Clinges, serpentines, special boxes – the ways to hide wires are innumerable. No matter how you choose to use your imagination, always remember to “play” only with cables when they are unplugged. This will keep safe both you and your appliances.