Home lighting – smart tips

Tips for home lighting

Although often overlooked, lighting is one of the main elements of the interior. Proper light is essential for comfort, rest and productivity of the residents. However, we should not think about lighting only as necessary thing. The skillful play of light and shadow can create a variety of decorative effects and to transform the premises. When designing lighting many questions need an answer – what lighting to choose, how many sources of light and where to put them? Above all, we must determine the amount of light we will need for individual rooms. Here are more details:

  • The following formula is valid: Length x width of the room the room x 15 = watts necessary light. For example, a room measuring 3.5 x 4 will need 210 watts of light. It remains, however, to decide how to distribute them in the room. This task is best to be guided by the purpose of the different corners of the room. For example, work surfaces such as kitchen counter, desk, sewing machine highly concentrated lighting is necessary. For rest areas, such as the bedroom and the sofa only soft and diffused light is enough. Ask your domestic cleaning experts London, they have valuable opinion too.
  • When designing the lighting we must consider home furnishings too. Light, lacquered and mirrored surfaces significantly reduce the required amount of light as reflecting it. Dark and dull furniture absorbs light and if these furnishings prevail in the room, you must provide more and more powerful lighting. Your upholstery cleaners London will agree with us, because they have seen many houses.
  • The corridor. Most often in the hall there are no windows and it is needed throughout the day to rely entirely on artificial lighting. The lampshades are not suitable for this narrow and long space, as light falls low.
  • The dining table. Here low falling light is a plus, not a minus. So just place the lampshade over the dining room.
  • The bathroom. Most bathrooms have a lighting fixture above the mirror.

Well, now you can take more informed decision concerning your home lighting.