Patchwork style – sunny smile in your home

Patchwork style - sunny smile in your homeColorful Patchwork style is for those of you who want to fulfill their homes with color and positivity. The technique itself is a composition of small or large patches. The final result is always unique and so boundless as your own imagination. Here are more details:

  • Patchwork style is especially popular during the Great Depression in the USA. The reasons for this, however, is not fashion, but economic. Due to the shortage of materials housewives transferred old clothes into blankets. Today, however, this technique has completely lost its original meaning and is valued for the artistic atmosphere that creates.
  • Cool minimalism makes contemporary home decor gray and soulless. Actually, only one or two products made with the technique Patchwork can become a focal point of the interior. Thus vital energy will flow. This can be a bed for bedroom, carpets, cushions, curtains or even upholstery of sofas and armchairs. Ask your upholstery cleaners London if you want, they’ve surely seen various Patchwork accents.
  • Patchwork technology requires more time, attention and fully manual work, so the items you can buy typically have higher price.
  • To start, you can try different as design, but equally sized pieces of cloth, in order to be able to match them right. Specify the size of the final product and the patches themselves in advance. Do not forget to add the necessary reserve stitching on all sides of the patches, for example 0.7 cm. Connect the pieces until you get the selected shape. Then you need to tailor a padding with the same size around the fabric, which also fits harmoniously with the composition of patches.
  • You will find that in course of work, you will come to many ideas for color combinations, shapes and additional applications. Patchwork style will unleash all the creative energy slumbering deep within you, so even the future end of tenancy cleaning London won’t scare you.

You can use the special schemes for Patchwork, with which you can easily manufacture products of different sized pieces and thus create more interesting and artistic compositions. Good luck!