Practical uses of your toothbrush beside from cleaning your teeth!

Clever uses of toothbrush in household

Don’t rush to toss your old toothbrush – yes, it’s main purpose is to clean your teeth but it can be great for a wide range of other household tasks. From applying hair dye to cleaning your bike chain, there are a lot of useful hacks you can learn. Read on and check them out!

  • As we mentioned you can use it to dye your hair as it is really suitable for reaching the roots and applying hair dye evenly. In this line of thoughts, if you don’t have time to wash your hair you can easily apply dry shampoo into your roots using your old toothbrush – in no time your hair will look much fresher!
  • End of tenancy cleaners point out that its small size is really convenient when dealing with different stains. The stain remover can be precisely applied and having your toothbrush you can give that spot a good rub – it won’t survive, we guarantee that! When cleaning small kitchen tools like garlic press and waffle iron, your job will be less tedious as the toothbrush bristles really make the cleaning easier!
  • Not only a woman should be a diligent housewife but she has to look good. With the help of your toothbrush you can exfoliate your lips – just put some Vaseline or a moisturizer of your preference and give your lips a light scrub. Despite this you can separate your eyelashes with its help if your mascara is too sticky. One more trick you may find useful is removing ingrown hairs – simply scrub gently in the direction your hair needs to come out.
  • Being too busy gardening or doing your house cleaning tasks you can collect some dirt build-ups under your fingernails. Guess what – the tiny bristles of your toothbrush can get these grimes out successfully.
  • Last but not least, you can oil up your bike chains. You can clean some awkward shaped items too – the size of the toothbrush is just perfect for reaching these spots. Make your grates, end of your hairdryer and the back of the portable heater neat again!

These are few good reasons why you should keep your old toothbrushes in handy!

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  • Merry March 1, 2016

    Such a great ideas, thank you for the inspiration! A bit of baking soda mixed with water paste and an old toothbrush can really do wonders for all those hard-to-reach corners and nooks around the house, especially for all the hidden corners and areas of all kitchen appliances. A toothbrush is also a great tool for cleaning to sparkle shoes (simply avoid using it for leather or pleather shoes).

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