Which are the best Mother’s Day surprises?

Time seems never enough and we are always in a rush – going to work, taking care of household chores, going to the gym – generally being a full-time adult. However, there’s no legitimate excuse for not making you mother a surprise on Mother’s Day. Don’t get your mom a pair of mittens or a cookbook – make her feel special and show her how much you love and appreciate her. She will definitely like a box of chocolate and some nice flowers but try to be original. If you haven’t decided what to do for her special occasion, read on and check our ideas.

  • Why don’t you consider making your mom a tribute video? Gather the family together and make a little movie for your mother. Be creative and put her favourite song as a soundtrack or even sing it for her. Call her friends and record them while they are telling funny stories. You can make the movie like a kind of interview so people can tell what they like about her, what Movie as Mother's Day gift - touching surpriseis their best memory together or how they met her. Make different photo collages in the video and express how much you love your mom – she will be touched and even left in tears of happiness!
  • In the same line of thought, if you don’t have the opportunity to shoot a video create a photo album full of memories. Combine recent photos with some old ones and make her feel as if she is traveling in time. Put some photos your mom hasn’t seen in a long time and include family quotes or a little story related to each photo. Photos from proms, your childhood, anniversaries and different celebrations are perfect for this project. You can try taking a scrapbook approach – check for some ideas online. Use your imagination and let her know how special she is.
  • Help you mom around the house! This is something that may seem as a classic Mother’s Day activity but make it a personal experience by taking up to some interesting project. You can plant a tree, wash her car and leave a nice car air freshener or polish her silverware. If you don’t feel like doing household chores, get your mother out for a walk and get advantage of some professional domestic cleaning services. Your mom will be glad to find her home sparkling without her having to mop and scrub all day!

Voucher for cleaning - great gift idea

  • If you are a good at cook, make her a dinner – prepare your mom’s favourite dishes and set the table in an appealing way. Lit candles, get her a bottle of wine she loves and tell your mom how much she means to you. Of course, not everyone is good at the kitchen so you can take her out to a chic restaurant, for instance. You can always add a fancy touch to her evening by getting tickets to an opera or ballet.
  • Does your mom like to sing or dance? Does she have other hobbies? Enroll your mother in an interesting class! Find a small class in a good location and meet the instructor beforehand to discuss the idea. Your mom will be beyond excited! Don’t forget to get her some accessories related to the class she would take part in!
  • Everyone loves being pampered so Give your Mom the dreamed vacationwhy don’t you book your mother some spa procedures? If she is not keen on these kind of things, you can always make an appointment at the hairdressers. Just don’t push her as it can easily become one of those insulting presents – don’t let her think she doesn’t look good the way she is, explain to your mom that you want her to feel fancy for her special occasion.
  • Plan a weekend getaway for your beloved mother! If she has told you about a place she really wants to visit, plan the trip on Mother’s Day! Make a research for activities that can be done there, book a hotel room and make an itinerary which she would enjoy. Check for some museums in the area or find a nice park for a long relaxing walk!
  • Get your mom an original gift – this doesn’t include kitchen appliances and accessories! Get her a new bicycle or the latest book of her favourite author. If your mom enjoys embroidery, get her a tapestry. Your mother will appreciate the creativeness far better than the typical mom presents such as apron, mittens and a mixer!

Now the only thing you need to do is to get her a card – this is a must! Take your time and personalise the message, do not just copy-paste something you saw on the Internet! Your mother will be thankful for the personal approach – write down how much you love her and what an incredible woman she is. She deserves it!

Love you Mom