Repairs required – damage caused by the tenant

Home repairsDamages are very possible to occur at home. Though, if you live in a rented house or flat, you need to pay an extra attention, when you do the repairs. Moreover – it is very important to know when a damage is your responsibility or your landlord’s responsibility. And one more thing – it is essential to know what damages you must repair and what exactly the damage is. See more details about these issues and be prepared in case something bad happens in your rented property:

The damage should be distinguished by the “tear and wear” issues in everything that presents in the property – furniture, decors, electrical devices, building structures and etc. The damage due to age, for instance, isn’t your responsibility. Here are some simple examples – 10-year old oven might break or the floor that have never been polished and restored and etc.

The damage, on the other side, is a breakage caused by your personal neglect. It could be also a damage caused by a person from your family or a guest of yours. Any damages you have caused during a party or an event at home is also a damage you should restore.

If you break or damage something by chance during one off cleaning or some redecorating process, it is again your personal responsibility to repair.

Keep in mind that every landlord will appreciate the fact that you inform him about damages. This may even make him do some repairs with you.

Also, beware of what professional building or repairing company you hire. There are masters that will not take the responsibility on their own, if something goes wrong.

Always follow a good tone and great manners, when you explain your landlord about the caused damages. The more polite you are, the better he will accept the issues.

If you do not repair the damages, the landlord will deduct your tenancy deposit. Later, when you forget or refuse performing post tenancy cleaning, you will not get anything from this deposit.

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