Your locksmith advises

Your locksmith advisesIt is quite a common situation to be locked out of your house or car, to break your lock or to lose your keys and even if you turn every stone around, you just cannot find them. In these cases we always turn for help to locksmiths. They open any door and always save us. Of course, locksmiths as almost any other group of experts have their little secrets that they hardly share to anyone. Take a look at some of them below:

  • The best lock? A dead-bolt properly installed

A lot of people want high level of security when it comes to their home. The best locksmith according to the experts is exactly deadbolt which is installed the right way and has at least one inch “throw” and on the “strike side”. There should be also a security plate with screws.

  • When you buy a new house always have your locks rekeyed

Most people just forget to do this. They are so busy to finish the procedures, concerning the house purchase, then deal with moving in, tenancy cleaning and future redecoration plans that having locks rekeyed is the last thing they think of. But it is quite important because probably someone has a master key that can easily open your home. Scary thought, isn’t it?

  • The biggest mistake that people do all the time

Spinning the dial too fast in order to open the door, although it is still locked and forcing it closed when it‘s more than obvious that there is a problem with the lock. Say that you have never done it, but anyone will hardly believe you.

Ask your locksmith to key your door so that the master key works on the deadbolt and the door knob, but their work just on the knob. On the day when the cleaners are coming, lock only the knob.

It’s interesting how people often miss important things and only a locked or broken door might remind of them.